Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Eavesdropping at Thai Massage...

If you have had Thai massage, you know the positions you find yourself in leave little to the imagination and often you release embarrassing groans, or worse, mortifying bodily noises.  My recent massage did neither, but what it did leave me with was a case of the giggles.  I was laying there with my knees behind my head and my arms crossed like pretzels when I heard two men enter the room beside me.  All I could hear was the Thai lady say to the men, "lay down, face up."  And again I heard, "lay down, face up."  The men didn't understand, so as all people do when someone from another country can't understand us, we scream at them, thinking repeating the phrase much louder is going to make them understand.  "LAY DOWN, FACE UP."  This is when I lost it.  She proceeded to ask them, "where from?"  "Japan," was the answer.  "OOOH," was all she said.  Listening to a Thai try to speak English to a Japanese made my day.  My back was still sore, but my soul had a great workout.


  1. hello this is a test

  2. You so funny :)

  3. Crazy stuff. Keep the funny stories coming.