Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting here was easy if you drink enough vino

After worrying  for months and months about packing everything we own into eight suitcases, the trip was a breeze.  It took the typical 15 minutes to arrive at the Regina Airport and 20 minutes for Air Canada to check our luggage all the way to S'pore. Due to R2's status with AC, we hit the lounge for a last minute bevvie before we left for Vancouver.  Once in Vancouver, we headed to Korean Airlines lounge for Executive Class and hung out until we heard our names called. When the lady at KA mentioned to us that they had upgraded us from Business to First Class, and "did we mind," I felt like saying, "hell no, we don't mind." I tried to contain myself. R2 was oblivious to the upgrade because he couldn't understand a word she said.

Once we arrived in Korea after a restful 12 hours in our private capsules, we had the tallest Korean man and the tiniest Korean woman escort us to the next plane, which was already boarding.  Now this is service!

Nothing eventful to report, except for exceptional service on Korean Airlines and a speedy exit through Customs in Singapore.  And wonders of wonders, all of our luggage arrived with not a single problem.  US and Canada, you could learn a thing or two about efficiency from these airlines.

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  1. R2 is usually oblivious anyway, especially when two women talk to him at the same time.

  2. But the worst is when one speaks in English and one in Spanish at the same time. His head almost explodes.

  3. Liked the way u titled this blog, especially the word "Vino" which did not appear anywhere in the blog.