Tuesday, 17 January 2012

People of India

The turbans were all unique.

On her way to prayers.

A local musicians trying to drum up business.

Finished her prayers

Loved her haughty expression. 
Guarding the Taj Mahal
Sketching the Taj from a different angle

Praying at the Taj


A place to come together

Everyone loves to pose at the site
Two young boys that approached us so we took their photo

Representing UBC - Go Canada

I loved these old people  - so sweet.
This sweater vest was a mystery to us but it was everywhere in India.

A mixture of young and old

Such colourful people and stories in India

A beautiful young lady wanted to take our photo so we took hers.

Young and old drive the rickshaws to make rupees.

Indian women often cover their faces - not sure why.

A break from hustling the tourists.

A craftsman making finely detailed tile mosaics with glass pieces.

Lost in prayer.
Elephants at Fort Amber - didn't like the way they were treated.

Bathing in the street.

Millions of people live in poverty and filth on the streets.


  1. Awesome photos Layna. You just about feel like you're there, although looking through your photos is close enough for me! haha Thanks for the mini-trip :)

  2. Glad you could come along Rosie!!!

  3. Absolutely stunning! You are a true talent. Follow your passion and you'll be rewarded ten fold. Cheers Layna!


  4. Thank you Lynette - I already am, but in a non-monitary way. I am doing what I was meant to go - learn, write, observe and enjoy life. I am not sure how I won this lottery but I am not going to question it.

  5. Fantastic photos Layna. I love that you appreciate people and their stories. We all have a story. Yours is taking some amazing twists and turns. Enjoy!! Jacquie

  6. Layna your photos are truly beautiful. It looks like you're putting that new camera of yours to good use. I look forward to following your journey.


  7. NatGeo award winner18 January 2012 at 15:14

    I must say some of these pics are NatGeo quality; kudos on the editing too !

    1. All in the editing NatGeo - must get photoshop on this compie though - I miss it!

  8. Wowza....love your blog, your talent and your eye for detail. have you thought of a book?

  9. Love the pictures and captions - what a new world for you to discover!

  10. the photos are so real...looks like you have been doing photography for ever...hope so hear and see more of your advntures....Marj