Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Party Amongst the Stars

It isn't often I get to slap on "City Shoes" in Singapore. My typical wardrobe consists of shorts and flip flops, but an opportunity to cruise an amazing club presented itself so who was I to say no. My days of clubbing are mostly ancient history but when you are invited to attend a fete 74 stories in the heavens on a Helipad, I would have to be crazy to let this good fortune pass me by. Fortuitously there were party-goers as young as eighteen and old as...well, older than me.  The invite was all "who you know" and you better look catwalk fine to attend.

I did a little sleuthing on this hotel and Helipad. I was pleasantly surprised to learn you could book the Helipad for a mere $10,000 per couple and have a private feedbag amongst the stars in Singy. I was relieved to see you receive a gold bracelet trinket to memorialize the occasion. I would hate to walk away from $10,000 with only a nine course nosh to show for R2's hard earned money.

$10 Gee View
We arrived at the Club and scoped out the view. We weren't on the Helipad yet, however the view from 70 stories up was unsurpassable. We plastered ourselves up against the glass gazing at lights as far as the eye could see across the island.  Getting thirsty, we decided to nudge all the kids out of the way and grab a drink before the doors to the Helipad opened.  I looked at the extensive drink menu.  The prices were between, "Are Your Out Of Your @*#%#%$ Mind," and "Wait, I Need To Call My Banker To See If The Cheque Cleared."

We saw the behemothic queue and managed to wheedle our way to the front. Being tall in Asia has its rewards. We were told we couldn't take the drink upstairs because they weren't in a plastic container so I downed my $35 Mojito in record speed before we proceeded up the staircase.

The sites on the Helipad were breathtaking and the view wasn't bad either. I had to take a cloth to wipe R2's drool and occasionally pick up his chin off the floor from the captivating women. I often have the same problem, but it is only in shoe boutiques. But like my stiletto fetish, R2 knows how impractical and painful these models would be. Nice to look at, but more agony than they are worth.

R2 and his bevvie of beauties with Random Guy
We were given a watered down aperitif which went well as we gaped in wonder at the feast for the eyes. We were higher than the Marina Bay Sands, in fact, this hotel is one of the tallest in SE Asia. Truly amazing, and no glass, fence or barricade to keep you from plunging to your death. The security were diligent to keep would-be photographers too close to the edge and the tall, leggy blonds that seem to dominate the helipad were a force field on their own. The men couldn't decide if they should photograph the city or sneak in a photo of these drop-dead gorgeous beauties.

The pad was getting more congested by the minute and before we became a statistic of Singapore, we decided to make our way back down. We were greeted by a lineup of over 500 people waiting patiently with entertaining PDAs in hopes for a slight chance they would push their way into the club. We were even more shocked when we reached the bottom floor after a long 70 story ride to see people waiting through the entire hotel lobby. People somehow managed to sneak their drinks in line, and some of the girls were worthy of R2's comment, "Better get a back up bottle, she has a 5 litre engine."  You know the type, falling off her stilettos, hair dishevelled and already three sheets to the wind from way to much liquid courage.

R2 and I can only handle the TAKA TAKA music for so long; we are more the Blues and Rock 'N Roll type, and his stomach was growling so we ended the night with a night cap of Red Bean and Steamed Shrimp Dumplings in the food court. Nothing says dumplings like an inappropriately short skirt and high heels. If my children were here, they would say I was "Cougarlicious."

The Helipad wasn't the only party we had amongst the stars that week. R2 wanted to host a party for  former colleagues that have all returned to Singapore.  These guys and gals, like R2 have worked all over the world, but managed to find their way back to this common meeting ground.

Already spoken for...sorry Susan
I was a little apprehensive about this bash. I wasn't sure if it was going to be "Revenge of the Nerds Meet The Big Bang Theory," or whether I should give Pocket Protectors as parting gifts.  My husband is a brilliant, ingenious hombre but when he starts talking Geekanese, I stick toothpicks under my eyelids to stay awake. Get a roomful of IT clones, and I thought I should serve Bits and Bytes and break out the Rubik Cubes.

Two things saved this affair. The first was the outstanding gift one of his guests gave us; a limited edition Jasper Goodall bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label. We are not whisky drinkers but in this case, we will make an exception. The second thing to save the soiree was our helper Susan and her efficient skills to barbecue the Satay, organize the catered Thai food, and keep the pantry spotless so no kitchen  hangover to contend with in the morning.  She, like my iPhone would be next in line for me to marry, if I wasn't already spoken for.

We hosted this party up on our penthouse under the stars. While it is safe to say I don't think a helicopter has landed on our "pad," I can assure you it is big enough; that or house all the overflow revellers from the party at the club. We couldn't see the Marina Bay Sands with our top view, but we were able to see all the way to the airport and watch the planes circling over the beach, ready for landing as we gorged on Satay.

What a week in Singapore. I never know what will occur; a party that rivals anything New York, London or Hong Kong can offer in a plush club, a storm that blows up out of nowhere making you scramble for cover or a concert with 50,000 people in the Indoor Stadium. This island has it all, you just have to look for it. Perhaps, Dear Reader,  I will tell you about the concert another day.

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  1. From Jacquie - Wow Layna, great story. I can totally relate to you experience on the rooftop. I have been to many Hollywood red carpet events now, surrounded by celebrities, and I struggle with looking calm, like I belong, while being in awe of the setting and everyone around me. But, it is a fun problem!! Congrats on hosting your first big soire in Singapore. I think I age every time I host a party. Keep the stories coming. Hugs

    1. Well Miss Jacquie, you have nothing to worry about. You can give those starlets a run for their money! Glad I am not the only one that feels a little out of place.

  2. goodness gracious! make some big connections and find some record label executives and get the outlandish invaders an asian recording contract

    1. Believe me Bubbles, I always have your back and as soon as I find some, I am signing you up!

  3. I got nothing ... I mean, imagine if one gets drunk up there and trips, what are the odds. I'm normally not a praying man, but if you're up there, please save me Superman, is what I would say. And speaking of beauties, where are the pics that somebody took with the Vodka models? You know, boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like a woman. You just have to read the manual and press the right buttons.

    1. You could pray for Spider Man too. and there are no manuals for the models...the ones I saw couldn't read. Cheers Homer!

  4. Cindy-Lou Weekes12 April 2012 at 09:13

    I am very proud of you my daring adventurous friend !

    1. Thank you CLW. See, I told you that you would figure it out. Well done!