Sunday, 13 May 2012

I'll take a Pint of Beer but Hold the Beer

I like to do what any Housewife of Singy would do when her husband is missing in action on a business trip to Hong Kong...go to a bar. And chat up a 22-year old. And watch him eat glass...gee, that sounded better in my head than it does on paper.

Yuvaraj is a born and bred Singaporean
Let me take two steps back. I met a group of people at a chic watering hole on Club Street. It was a Meetup for Expats to mix and mingle. The watering-hole was so jam-packed you couldn't move so I was lucky to find a seat. The object of Meetup is to acquaint yourself with people from other cultures so I began speaking to a young man to my left. I was teasing him, asking him why a guy of 22 was at a gathering where most people were twice his age. He simply told me he was interested to meet people from around the world. Fair enough; that is also why I was there.

Showing the size of glass eaten
After more small talk, he proceeded to show me what I have only read in books. He took a container from his pocket and showed me glass pieces the size of large coins. He told me he was given the power to eat glass with no harm coming to his mouth or internal organs. And crunch the glass he did. I am certain the look on my face was one of astonishment as I witnessed this man chew and swallow what we use to light a room.

Yuvaraj agreed to meet me to tell me about his empowerment to eat glass or drink poison with no ill effects. He was being mocked in the bar and I couldn't hear him over the din of the party, but I wanted to know more about why he would take such a health risk. People were skeptical or flabbergasted when they saw Raj consume several pieces of glass.

Yes, he did eat several pieces
It turns out his entire family has the ability to swallow glass because they all have embraced the Divine Master's gift to open their fifth chakra so no harm comes to them. He claims they have a powerful shield around their Vishuddhi Chakra (fifth chakra on the throat) that protects them from injury and diseases. The family does not do this as a party trick and it isn't for monetary gain as you may have witnessed elsewhere. Raj explained he eats glass about once per day to spread the word of His Divine Grace Dato' Seri Guruji from Malaysia; he is one of hundreds of thousands of followers. He believes he is a disciple of the Master and he wants to tell as many people about the power they can also have, so the world is a better place and we heal ourselves.

Raj knows I write a humorous blog and I am not an investigative reporter, just a person trying to enlighten Westerners about cultures in Asia. While he is only 22 years old, he is wise beyond his years. He knows people are sceptical and cynical but he is okay with that. It was a delight to learn from such a well-spoken, respectful young man, regardless of whether or not I believe in his empowerment and glass performance. He has a true respect for his parents, upstanding morals about marriage and faithfulness and he believes without a doubt his purpose in life is to spread the word of the Divine Master. He has been granted an audience with Ministers in Government and soon says he will meet the President of Singapore.

I asked Raj what he has prayed for himself and he just smiled and said he didn't really need anything. He is so upbeat and positive, there must be something to his story. He told me he only prayed for his grandfather when he had a stroke, and visualized three times that his grandfather's organs would start to function. He says his prayers came to fruition and he is out of hospital back with the family.

Raj has hat on - fourth down on left
I asked once again, why didn't he ask for anything for himself. He said he wanted to act in an Indian drama on television, even though he had no acting experience. He not only got the role out of 40 other hopefuls, he also worked in a Bollywood movie. Raj claimed this came to him because he meditated and asked the Divine Master to bring him this role.

There is enough information on the web about The Divine Grace and glass eating if you are skeptical; I will leave that research up to you. There are thousands of people who follow The Master and if it changed their lives for the better, more power to them. I am merely here to say there are many things we don't understand about Asia and its people.

The longer I live here, the less I know and the more I discover.  Asians believe in many gods, horoscopes, rituals and signs we will never understand. While there are many Christians in Asia, there are hundreds of other religions that follow their own beliefs. I am fascinated by Raj's claim and all the ancient spirituality we encounter as we travel.

If you want more info about becoming empowered, Raj can be reached by SMS (+65 9183 1625). Empowerment does not come free from his Master so be certain this is what you want before you depart with your hard-earned money.

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  1. Whoa, the people you meet and see are the craziest things sometimes and we learnt first hand from being here!!


  2. well, doing this is a lot more convienient then dealing with the workers of sarcan! with the end result being the same!!


  3. Talk about a light lunch! Hugs, sista!

    1. No kidding! Never thought of it that way.

  4. haha the video is funny.he should be on the show" my strange addictions". lucas' dream job is to work at sarcan

    1. I was thinking about that show...but it isn't an addiction. Lucas will be the Manager of Sarcan after his 4 years of Engineering.

  5. If I ate glass, I would fart sand. :)

    - Derek

    1. Hope no one gives you beans then. Could be deadly - it would be like glass etching!

  6. lucas can ye;; at people to take the caps off!

  7. Hi Layna,

    Somehow I have landed on your blog today and just want to make a statement that whatever Raj told you about the empowerment is true and I've been following our Divine Master His Divine Grace Dato' Seri Guruji for the past 10+ years. To be honest I have gained more than I have ever expected. Today,I'm living happily and healthy with my family.

    For those who need more clarification and news about our Divine Master, kindly please visit

    Thank you.

  8. Dear Nithiyaah: Thank you for your input. I know Raj was 100% behind the Divine Grace so it is good to hear from another person and know you benefitted from his empowerment. I have listed the website in the blog so if people are interested they can either read about it, or join in. I appreciate you reading!