Saturday, 13 October 2012

Every step - a Kodak moment

How can I describe India except for insane chaos as you try to dodge around traffic and bewildered-looking animals in poverty stricken, foul cities? You will witness children playing in pool of filthy water and walk barefoot where farm animals defecate and men urinate at free will in the streets.  You will be scammed, you will be ripped off and yet amongst this frenzy, you will find a colourful, Kodak moment at every corner. As much as I hated India my first trip, on the second trip, I learned to embrace the madness and enjoy my time; maybe I am used to Asia.  These are some of the photos we took as I was hounded, followed and asked to pose around Bangalore and Kovalam. For larger images, click on the photos.

Local artists painstakingly makes marble inlay plates

Amber (Amer) Fort and Palace in Jaipur - magnificent

It took most of the day to investigate Amber Fort

Selling nuts on the streets of Bangalore (Bengaluru)

Ganesh welcomes you to Shiv Mandir Temple in Bangalore

Planting grass by hand in Lalbagh Garden

People who asked for my photo in Kovalam

More photo takers so I asked for theirs

My trusty driver, Rafiq

Always watching

Old man outside the Masjid (Mosque) in Kovalam

Every person is photo worthy in India

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram City

Reflection at Kovalam Beach

Colourfully dressed women leaving the temple

Selling instruments outside the temple

The dress for men in the temple

R2 with local IT girls

Cleaning their feet before entering the temple

Waiting for business

It is a carnival atmosphere outside the temple

Everyone needs a drum, don't they?

India's answer to Facebook

Strolling in the Botanic Gardens

This woman wouldn't stop watching me. Maybe my face was dirty.

R2 found a swing but it was too high for me

Many locals on the beach in Kovalam

Our resort was breathtaking with local statues

Darga Sherief Mosque, Kovalam, India


  1. Simply captivating. Layna, you are developing a great eye for photography. Thanks for sharing. Love ya, Jacquie

    1. It is easy to be a decent photographer in India, once you get over the shyness of taking the shot. They take mine, so I take their photo. The people and the surroundings are so lovely, I could have taken thousands! Thanks for reading J.

  2. Looks like IT people in India are sold by height; is that why R2 is so expensive?

    1. He has to be to keep my shoe collection current. You can never have too many "city shoes" to traipse around India.

  3. Facelook, hmmm, how come I didn't come up with that?

    1. Sorry Mark, maybe next time you will think of a name that becomes a little more popular.

  4. love the photos Layna, they are amazing and good enough to be published in a book. Hmmm, me thinks I have a new project for you on your return! Miss you, as always xox

    1. Oh that case, I will be back in Saskatchewan in 6 years....methinks it involves doggies?

  5. Yes here every step we can catch up with our cameras.

    Kaleswari Travels

    1. So many beautiful places to photograph....I wish I were better but at least the photos leave me with memories. Thank you for writing and reading!